PriceCharting Index

The PriceCharting Index shows the average price of all the licensed, commercially released games for a particular system. The PriceCharting Index is an indication of market conditions for that system and if games are getting more or less expensive over time.

Sample Vintage Index

Charts Are Interactive

Each PriceCharting Index chart is interactive. Use your mouse to hover over the chart and see exact prices and dates along the index.

How Is the Index Calculated?

For all systems the PriceCharting Index is calculated on a monthly basis using the average price of every licensed, commercially released title for each system. Games like Nintendo World Championships are not included because they were not commercially sold. Games like Super Noah's Ark 3D are not included because they were not licensed by the system manufacturer. The Index does not include consoles, accessories, or controllers either.

Sample Current Gen Index

Indexes for vintage systems (those with no new games being released) and current generation systems are calculated a bit differently.

Current Generation Systems

Current generation systems continue to have new games released on a regular basis. Every new release would increase the price of the Index if we used a straight average. To remove new release bias we calculate a "divisor" every month. This divisor changes the reported Index value so the Index would be the same with and without the new releases. The same thing is done for stock indexes to account for new public companies, mergers, and bankruptcies. Below is a simple example to illustrate:

Example Without Divisor
5 Games on the market: Average price = $10
1 New game is released for $30: New average price = $13.33
No divisor is used. Index = $13.33
The new release would increase the Index by $3.33 even though all other games didn't change price at all

Example With Divisor
5 Games on the market: Average price = $10
1 New game is released for $30: New average price = $13.33
Divisor of 1.333 is used. Index = $10 ($13.33 divided by 1.33)
The divisor removes new release bias

Vintage Systems (No Games Being Made Anymore)

The PriceCharting Index for vintage systems is the average price for all licensed, commercially released games with no adjustments or divisors.

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